A unique place where the mountains and the sea meet. A large extension of the Alt Empordà area is protected and declared a nature reserve. This combination of the coast and the rural area just a short distance away has made Alt Empordà - Costa Brava one of the most beautiful environments, currently hosting many wine regions in the region.

Let yourself be guided by our region

Enjoy our surroundings visiting unique places such as the Aiguamolls natural park, Cap de creus or l'Albera and have a unique experience with us, taking advantage of the proximity to visit these wonderful charming locations.

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Cap de Creus

In the north of the Costa Brava you’ll find one of the natural wonders of the counties of Girona, the Cap de Creus Natural Park. It contains a collection of beauty spots that will leave a lasting imprint on your memory. You won’t forget the views of the wild coastline with its vertiginous cliffs and hidden coves, and with islets scattered all along it. Neither will you forget the capriciously shaped rocks, sculpted by the wind and the erosion of the sea; with a little imagination you’ll be seeing lions, dragons, camels, eagles and other figures.

The Ruins of Empuries

Examples of Greek and Roman town construction art and their essential structures can be visited in Empúries: The Greeks adapted their places to the site and the terrain, while the Romans designed their plan and made the land accommodate their chessboard-similar raster pattern for their cities.

Natural Parc of Aiguamolls

It is the second largest wetland of Catalonia. It is formed by a group of ponds, enclosures and prairies that are flooded by the con- fluence of the Muga and Fluvià rivers. It makes up a privileged habitat for the fauna, especially the aquatic birds.

L`Albera Mountain Range

The L'Albera Mountain Range extends along the eastern section of the Pyrenees, from the Pertús mountain pass to the Mediterranean. This is an area of outstanding natural and scenic interest, with zones of very old, varied and luxurious vegetation, ancient constructions and human relics.

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